Package system needs to Go......

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After now playing on both Xbox one X and Ps4, The package system creates and time laps allow players a very infair advatnage, By bottle necking high speed gamers with low speed players. at least with Mw2 and 3 people would pixel appear in sight. those games were all about reaction time. Now you can be running into a room and the person will not generate at all, untill you are past them and they see you clear as day. Or you can dump a clip into somone shooting at someone else and if you get anything to land you wont be able to finish them before they melt you. It is sorry to say the game is no long about improving your skill and reaction speed. It is about (luck and time framing). maybe the only true way to solve these issue is to create different level servers for different connection speeds. as will turn up all the hz on the servers... But, this would cut into profit margins... and C.O.D is to cheap to every take care of the people that pay your bills (gamers); if you cant read between the lines. Stop the the down throttling and bottle knecking. free the players... and let them learn to be better....

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