Please only allow 1 Zero each team @Treyarch

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Yeah I'm totally fine with them just doing it as they did with the other modes 1 of each and that's that. I'm sure the only reason you can double up in the Kill based modes TDM/KC (potentially control I haven't played it in awhile to remember if it's allowed there) is they figure it's mostly kills obtaining scores and it can't be prolonged and abused.
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As they add more specialists, you would think the chances of coming across 2 zero's would drop. I've found that zero's are unpopular already, barely go against them and if i do, they don't get the hack.
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***** that is unforunate, try being the third one

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It's game mode dependent.

At least in TDM/KC You can have 2 of any specialist on a team.

I haven't played Dom/Control in a good long while but I was under the impression, But I THINK Control allows for 2 of the same specialist per team but I could be wrong.
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It's not just Zero as the only specialist problem child.....


My thoughts aren't a revaltion or not been stated in this thread or posted before so take it for what it's worth... an opinion!


By the way I support the "1" speacialist per team......


Any number of duo specialistsshow up in every game of KC/TDM! Just on the games on my match making team....(I always play solo).. the most commonly used appear to be .........Torque, Seraph, Nomad and Prophet in addition to Zero....


Up until this past week, pretty much all I played was TDM/KC. I started playing HC FFA to help me level up weapons that are not easy for me to get head shots with.... 


Anyway, as a solo player in FFA all I have to worry about is me..... not combating 2 Dog's, Seeker Shock Mines, Tempest Guns or being Spawned in hell by 2 Seraphs that have no clue what they are doing to the rest of their team mates......


The best use for Zero in TDM/KC is actually the EMP for clearing obstacles in your path. The grenade doesn't do anything to the enemy player except make them blink! Ice pick gets used once per round and usually at the wrong time as it usually charges in (TDM/KC core) close to the end of the game, unless the player is extremely good and or uses the "Equipment Charge" instead of Stim, Comsec, Body Armor or Accoustic Sensor. Even when my team has had 2 Zero's, I can't remeber the last time they have both Hacked in the same game... And my experience has been the same as Seraph...... dropping the Tac Beacon in the worst place..... Zero seems to Hack in the worst place possible! Even if she's at the far end of the map there is alwasy an ambush waiting and gets killed instanly. It's almost as the other team starts tracking her movements half way through the match. Also most Zero's can't wait to start hacking as they might get a second go (they don't) so the one shot they get is usually wasted.....or they wait till the all the air streaks are raining down and don't the sense to "Hack" indoors.... and sniped from the air! 


On the occasions when I run Zero, I won't start hacking until the announcer calls out multiple streaks incoming (I run inside the closest building) or the end of the game is near.... When Zero was first introduced there was always 2 Zero's being run all the time.... Over the last couple of weeks her playtime has dropped off dramatically as the novelty wears off and players go back to their favorite specialists. 


I get that you're upset by having streaks destroyed or stolen, however I think I've had more streaks shot down than hacked....  

When all is said and done, Zero is no more or less annoying than any other specialist out there! 


So let's make all specialists only "One per team" There will be more specialists introduced to be sure before the end of the games lifecyle. They will be hated as well.


So let's get the rules straightened out before they


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Yup completely agree.

Seraph is the slowest charging specialist in TDM if you were to get no points at around 12 minutes...obviously the match would be over by then and as far as most people have been able to figure out. Every 100 Points earned knocks off 30 seconds from the charge time.
Obviously it's charging through out the game but without points it'd take ages and never been earned during a match.

The player has too obtain 2400 Points in some way shape or form in order to his her Annihilator, which as you've stated in TDM it's just not happening for the very vast majority of players who choose to use her and just spam her tac respawn at incredibly dumb locations.
Now I don't believe Zero is 12mins slow but it's definitely one of the slowest ones and I'd guess they stuck her into the 9-10Minute range as you and few of us have said unless the player using Zero is wreaking havoc on your team in TDM they Hack isn't likely to be used until late in the game especially if it's 1800-2000 points earned before her Ability is ready to be used.

The charge time is the same in FFA (TDM and FFA are the baselines for the specialist Abilities/Equipment charge times)

Every other mode (I can't be asked to look up the actual times, but I know where to get them if you're actually interested in seeing what they are)
Range from about 1.48-2x slower in the other modes.
Even in KC it's 1.48x slower meaning someone like seraph would need to obtain 3600 points (a bit less I just rounded it to 1.5x slower)
So in theory zero likely requires anywhere from 2600-3000 points before it's used.

What it really comes down to is just how good is the Zero player in general if they are like the majority of users by the time its ready to be used the games pretty close to over (in any of the game modes) unless they are constantly shooting items down,capping flags while still dying a lot or actually good in gun fights.

Equipment charge I believe if I recall the video correctly increases the charge time to around half as quickly,but i rarely see that used it's usually Armor/Stim Shot.
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Zero is the only character that can be problematic as a Duo.  The whole point of TDM is earning high killstreaks. Going against 2 Zero's is just a bad experience no matter what. 

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I do agree that each team should only have one of each specialist, 

I almost only play hctdm exclusively and have earned all score streaks and the calling cards associated with them including the gun ship, 

I do not agree that two zeros on the other team can change the game around. In the matches that I have been in for the most part when someone tries to use the hack they become a target and it becomes a foot race to get them. 

I could show you matches where using the microwave shield to control the other teams route abilities have turned matches around and having two people as torque on a team change the game.

Could show matches with having two dogs running around could change the match.

Can also show match after match of players that know how to use counters can prevent anything from changing the outcome of a match.

Mesh mine used as a warning system for when a spawn flips. Golden ammo and score boosts to help crash reach higher score streaks. I could go on and on with benefits and counters.

i would prefer there to be no specialist in the game but two zeros on the other team for me is meh. At least in hctdm that is in other modes I can’t really speak for zero wasn’t out when I last played some of the other game modes.


Either way have yourself a good one

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Yeah I play loads of TDM and used to use Hellstorm > Helicopter > Gunship and sice Zero came into the game, I've pretty much had to change my scorestreaks just so she doesn't take them. I know when I'm playing with friends, if any of us use zero we literally just hold on to it untill the enemy puts out a scorestreak. Using it randomly isn't worth the points and you likely won't get another one in the same game. If they never get a significant scorestreak, we just don't use it and it's not a big deal.


I pretty much only use Lightning Strike > Hellstorm > Strike Team now so I don't have to deal with it. If I were to use something else, I would have to playing with at least 1 other friend playing zero and coordinate it so we use our scorestreaks and icepick at the same time. I wish it wasn't in the game at all, but the devs will surely never take it out, so limiting it to one sounds like a good compromise.

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That’s right, allow only one prophet per team.. better: allow only one prophet per game.. 🤔 0 prophet per game?

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