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Can we have it to where when i quit a match it just takes me back to the find a match screen and now all the way back to MP, BO and zombies? A bit annoying that it takes me back that far and then i have to wait a century for it to load sometimes when i click MP again.

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I think it's good it gives the player a little inconvenience when they jump a match..
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Yeah, maybe stop quitting matches and actually play them out. That will reduce your wait time to zero, with the added bonus of not leaving your teammates out to dry. Nobody but you is going to see or care about your precious stats. 

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When you quit a match the game doesn't know if you want to specifically quit the match at hand, the mode, the map whatever and it doesn't know WHY you want to quit.  It's giving you the best option it can to potentially satisfy all the requirements you have for quitting whatever you're quitting and for whatever reason.  Puts you back to the beginning and let you have all options for your return available to you.  Makes perfect sense.  


Case in point.  I bet you'd be annoyed if you wanted to quit a TDM match to go play Blackout and it just kept sending you to the MP main lobby where you had to push more buttons in order to get back to the main lobby so you could choose Blackout which will still take you a Century to get to where you want to go.  At least the game is taking THAT annoyance away for you.





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