Rampart Needs A Nerf (Blackout)

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Lately I've been seeing a lot more people use the Rampart and every time I watch the killcam when killed by a Rampart it appears that the gun has zero recoil.  Even when the person is hit by bullets, there's still no recoil and no flinch.  Meanwhile, I take a few bullets and my guy flinches like he's deathly afraid of spiders and saw one on his gun.

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1. Killcams aren't accurate.

2. A gun that is used a lot doesn't make it op. 


These days as soon a big youtuber says weapon a or b is their favourite or is "op" a lot of people will use them. 

I use quotation marks as said gun may be op if you're on a higher skill level than the avarage cod player. 

And than have you tried it yourself. And how was that experience compares.to your favourite gun.


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as someone whos an avid rampart user, mid-long range the gun has stupid high recoil and is essentially useless in full auto. try using it and see for yourself.

close-mid range the gun is a laser beam, but will still lose to an smg close range
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