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Anyone who responds that there are counters are wrong.  Allow me to carry a trophy on my back as I run around and have it on a timer.  Then I might say you have a sufficient counter to flashbangs.  Hell let me just turnaround to avoid the flash.  Something other than a *****ing trophy.  A trophy only works if you literally run to the middle of the circle and camp until the end.  The only logical fix is to reduce stunned time to 2 seconds or give me a mobile trophy I can run with.  Anyone that says no to what I just said uses them as crutch and relies on them to win.  I challenge everyone that reads this to try and win a solo without using a concussion and see how hard it really is.  Grab your stupid trophy and reinforced if your lucky to find it.  When you get smoked and throw your controller remember to come back and hit Kudos right below my post.  Thanks

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I'd say a more accurate representation of the power of concussions would be how often people get stunned and win the fight. I've probably been killed at least 100 times because of stuns but I've successfully killed the person that stunned me maybe 5 times. That shows a major issue with how stuns work.


And the reason I say this is because the final fight doesn't necessarily display how strong stuns are. The final 2 people may have killed 5 people with stuns but they may not have any more. So I don't think just the final fight is an accurate representation of how many kills are because of stuns alone. For example I have over 150 wins but I'd say more of those have been with a sniper headshot than by using a stun grenade, but snipers definitely aren't overpowered in blackout. But with those 150+ wins and nearly 3,000 kills I have never lost a fight after stunning someone. Because there is NO way to counter it. 

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But say that 5 you killed were useless to follow up a concussion to kill you and the 100 knew how to use it successfully.. regardless of power and say I agree they are OP.. you still have to be able to use it right and follow it up by taking the player out, which is why I think the notion that it's to benefit the less calibre of players is wrong.

I'm not on about the final fight as such...

Activision/Devs etc will have every stat walking right in front of their eyes and will see what's what.. they would know from every player at the start of the game and right throughout the match what's happening..

I'm sure if they saw an over use of something which causes a reaction like some of you are letting off then no doubt they would be looking into it.. they won't just dumb it down as soon as nerf is cried, they will assess it and put it in a future update if they feel it needs it..

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so that means you have see my blackout stats wow.


that stats can be stole for me i give no crap about stats.

my goal was in blackout ( i go more for the achievements then some idot stats)

i am bussy in blackout to unlock all chars and it will take some time to do it but in the mean time i am also bussy to unlock the reactive camo what i have from the thiers that i can use the full camo in blackout.

and yea for most off the missions is concussions grenate the best way to compleet the mission to unlock it.

and still the nummbers suit from the multyplayer chars is also a thing i am trying to do.


i give really no ***** about how manny kills and wins i get but if there is a change i can win it then i do it.


that there are players that give more about there stats and need to show off there are pro wow nobody care's about it.


this is not your game this is treyarch game and this cod titel is from activision if there wane add concussions in blackout then there do it there really not care that there some type off players that there wane remove it from the game since there get killed by it.


and this is for all the brainless that think there know the best.

if you hate things in blackout or multyplayer stop playing it then go play a other mode or go play a other game there are plenty off players that wane play it for the fun and enjoy it how it is.

here is something else for you if i open a supply box and i get the IX mission item from diego you know what i get in the box a concussion grenate since treyarch has add in with the mission item from IX diego to unlock it since you most use the Bowie Knife kill to compleet the mission the only way to get it is with use off concussion grenate to make the kill.

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I don't think anyone really "goes for stats". You are either good or you aren't. Going for stats isn't going to do much for you if you aren't already good, besides maybe slow you down and camp more (which I see WAY too many people doing).

And lots of people go for challenges, myself included. You don't see me making excuses for my stats because of them, lol.

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there are only few that care about it to get good stats and much wins and there hate to lose.

like some popular streamers there only care to win and if others kill then by using a grenate there gone blame that it needs to be remove since there get kill by it allways and need to win allways.

that type players you have allways in game's that destroys the fun for others with there blame about notting.

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Let's face it.. regardless of game mode, whether it MP, Blackout or whatever it should all be about WINNING the game you're in... Forget stats, (even W/L stats) they mean squat and are distorted for a variety of reasons. You do what you need to do to win that very game you're in and you have to adapt to every situation which is totally different at times even in the same game nevermind the same mode and you have to get ready to face anything..
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not forget to add this also.


in each game or its call of duty or halo or battlefield there are allways some people that cant adept in each match there get in or its a multyplayer or a battle royal type game mode or a zombie's type game mode ( each game has there own version off survavel mode game against AI)

there are allways that type people that need to blame on forums from that game to get tell its to powerfull its need to be remove or a big nerf thats something why other players from that game get pisst off to that type players since its becoming a standart thing.


here is also a other thing for the Concussions grenate hate players.

if treyarch see's in there stats from what items are used much in a week or month in blackout

and there see in the stats there get from the match's that the concussion grenate has been used in  7 day's only 20% in the full 7 day's then there doing notting about it.

like the 9 Bang i bet the stats where like 80% or higher in the 7 day's off use in blackout that shows there need to look in it why the 9 bang is used that much in blackout in 1 week off all match's.

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Could it be that you r around 15 - 18 years old? Sorry but you act so "half way smart", thats just not how an adult would behave or argue.
Adept would mean you could beat a current system wiht new behavior. Fact is you cant beat a concussion in the current system. "but use a trophy system or perk" Adapting is not hoping for conicidence finding those items and use them BEFORE you encounter an enemie with concussions. Thats pure luck and has nothing to do with adepting.
And your second paragraph is just pure guessing. Not worth to talk about it.
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how old i am is none of your business.


in solo you get not much concussions grenate's since players there need there slots for healing items and other grenate's and some perks.


in duo blackout if player A tells to player B i use the concussion grenate's and you use the other grenate's and there both share some perks then its a good teamwork there do.


same in quads if there make a plan how to win the match then its all about teamwork.

and if there are some players that get hit by concussion grenate each time in duo's and quads then treyarch will never remove it from blackout since duo's and quads are all about teamwork and if the player team choose to give each player in the team there own task in duo's and quads then its smart play wins.

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