Remove concussions from Blackout

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PUBG and Fortnite are both free to download and free to play

blackout is only Pay To Play since you need to pay for the full game also if you only wane play blackout you need to pay big for it for the full game with multyplayer and zombie's.

so long blackout is not free to download and free to play it will never become big like fornite and PURG with the player base.

the only players that play blackout are cod fans and cod comunety.


and about why there not listing to the average player's thats easy so long you are not a big streamer on youtube or twitch or other streaming platforms.

there only listing to the big streamers if something need to be remove or change.

and if you ask how i know about it since the news from few month's ago with that guy he told it to the cod comunety with some other things.

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PUBG isn't free dude... Just stop commenting. Literally everything you have said so far has either been wrong or just doesn't make logical sense. You just don't even know what you're talking about. 

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I bet you at some point it will happen..

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it will happing when the 2019 cod has been release and most off the comunety that is playing black ops 4 now go's to the new cod like each year.
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I agree they need modification but removing from the game isn't necessary.  Remove the hit marker and allow you blind fire, heal, and use equipment while blinded.


Does anyone have reliable stats on the droprate for concussions, trophies, and perks?  I'm curious to see if there's any appreciable difference.

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i have done a custom blackout match to see on 1 big spot how manny concussions are there and my test was on construction site.


on the full construction site i fond 3 concussions 3 tropy systems and Reinforced perk also 3 in the full construction site.

fond more healing items,ammo,weapons,weapon attachment and other equipment like smoke,frag,cluster,razor wire and keep on with it

and normal house's on the map some guns,tropy system,smoke and other equipment's,ammo,heal items and weapon attachments more.


i think on place like construction site,hydro dam, turbine,cargo docks,franking tower, rivertown,hijacked and factory this are big place where a lots off items span and a better change to pick up concussion grenate's.

other place have a low change that there have concussion grenate's.

but then you have supply drop's what random is and who knows whats in there, same for supply crate 's that are random in the map and some equipment stashes that have it also random its only 1 concussions in a supply drop,supply crate and equipment stashes only have 1 concussions grenate but the change to get one is low.


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You don't have to find them on the ground, you can also kill someone and take it off their dead body. It's rare that I make it to the end of a match without finding at least one concussion. On the flipside, you'd be surprised how infrequently other people pick up trophy systems and reinforced perks, so that sort of limits the ways you can pick those up, making concussions even more powerful, considering the "counters" will get harder and harder to find as the game goes on. 

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most players leave the Reinforced perk and tropy system on the ground there not use it thats there problem if other players use concussion grenate on then its there problem and mistake.


and if you start with 100 players or 80 players the first thing you do at the start is looking for a good gun, lots off ammo, some weapon attachments, looking for healing items, and arrmor, and some armor plate's, and few grenate's and looking for a bag.


if you lucky with the zone you can look for the other things you need and wane have and if you bad luck with the zone and its far away then you need to time richt to move away from that spot and move to the zone.


main point is: you never know if other players pick the concussion grenate up or have use then all thats part off the game same go's for the tropy system and Reinforced perk most players leave then on the ground since there need to space for other items.

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Would you prefer Flashbangs?

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if there split the concussion grenate up to a flashbang and stun grenate's that you to trow a both off then for the same effecht then i am fine with it and it give's weaker players also to change to win a match and not only pro players can win it.
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