Snipers need a massive nerf In blackout

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that's a whole 'nother story, and you can't trust what you see in theater for blackout or kill cams in MP. the hit box is so rediculous though and i don't like when that happens to me either and i don't use a sniper much in MP

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I 100 percent disagree. Every sniper should be a one shot kill to the head. That’s the point of a sniper. Nothing is more annoying than having to 4 shot a guy from 200 meters because he can heal up as fast as I can fire shots 

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The highest damage guns are the only guns with headshots multiplier? Makes no sense making the most powerful guns even stronger.  I’d like to see headshot multipliers for all guns not just a couple, 1.1 don’t do a thing 

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Snipers should always be a ohk headshot

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Completely agree. If you're getting HS all the time either your luck is the tank OR you spend way to much time standing still. I rarely get one shotted but I never stop moving either. 

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