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  1. Can something please be done about the spawn flips being so frequent. Its unfair and infuriating to die and take about 3 steps and have the spawn flip and get shot in the back by someone who just spawned. Its especially annoying when its evident on the kill cam that he literally spawned where i did, literal seconds beforehand. Honestly id rather be spawn camped than have this. Because if i was spawn trapped theres a chance i kill him. 
  2. The frequent flips give players rewards for dieing rather than staying alive and outplaying there opponents please do something about it
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The quickest way to stop spawn flips is find the kid on your team who THINKS HE'S GOOD and go shoot him. (If your on HC that is) he's the guy causing the flips because hes trying to spawn trap/camp and he's useless.. he can't map control so in effect steps over that magic line, causing his team mates to be killed from behind...

Not much you can do on core I'm afraid apart from alert the enemy to his position to which also gives yours away.. core should have smoke grenades just to piss these belters off.....

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So tell your teammates not to push into enemy spawn

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The only way you will have control of this is if you play with a full party of 6 on coms.  Otherwise you are at the mercy of your teammates who want to run to the other end to set up a spawn trap.  When that happens the only choice you have is to turn around and prepare to defend yourself.

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