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The thing needed to be nerfed but this is too much. If you’re going to nerf the operator mod so that it’s a 2 burst kill, which it already is without the operater mod, why do you also need to reduce the burst speed AND increase the recoil?? The operator mod is unusable now which makes the gun no fun to use. I’m literally better off just using a Maddox and I paid $50 in reserve cases to get lucky for the stingray, now the thing isn’t even good. It’s been nerfed TOO MUCH

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At least you got to use it while it was good I got it for free 2 days after the nerf. Its not very good now and the way the operator mod is setup now is a waste of 2 slots to equip it. It should be a one burst headshot kill maybe to make it viable.

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The OP mod is useless but the actual gun with rapid fire is actually still pretty good.
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