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i can now tell there not gone refund nobody for the game.

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I don't do ShiitBook and I'm very happy with the game...

Cheers anyway
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Petition number 10 orso for this installment.

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Probably won't work because the amount of people who actually have issues with the game (whether warranted, or they just dislike it) aren't a big enough number to Activision to care about. Contrary to what you think the amount of people with issues are. Social Media/YT comments/Forums are far from the majority of the community.

Most people who enjoy the game/don't have issues with it, rarely go online and say such things.

Too many people will dislike a game because they aren't good at it, or think things need nerfed/buffed (really anything that directly impacts their own performance) and they want a refund. Just won't happen.

The issues don't resonate with enough people like let's say the ending of Mass Effect 3. The final game in one of the most beloved series in recent memory and they completely botched 3 games worth of time, energy and building your own story with Sheppard and crew to basically chuck it out the window and then the ENTIRE community rose up and complained and they offered refunds and added a new Ending (not that it helped much but it was better then what they had sent out with the launch product)

This is an online game that functions for more people then it doesn't and the investment of time from players in terms of "story" doesn't exist.
I'd say if you played for maybe an hour or 2 you could warrant a refund, but I'd also you can't judge an online game based off an hour or 2 of playing. I played AW for probably about 1 day maybe 1.5 Days total and decided after the loot box weapon variants started taking over I didn't enjoy the game but that was probably 60$ of time out of the product, certainly more then most products.
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@saxon82 wrote:

this is a petition to get our money back!!!!



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Hey, just checked your page.  1 like and 1 follow...





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Sure that wasn't him?
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