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Out of curiosity what weapon do you use?

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I don't have a single weapon, but my playstyle is very aggressive. I'm trying to get Dark Matter atm.

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It's only happened to me once so I can't say it's ruining anything. Someone about 20 feet away shot at me and missed. I couldn't believe he missed but this light blinded me and next thing I know boom, I'm dead.

I was left thinking wtf.. I had to check all guns etc to see what It was and saw it as a mod for shotgun.. answering why he missed from that distance. The amount of slots it uses and the lack of shotgun maps I don't think I'll run into it too often
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7 weeks on and the game has been ruined by the strobe light.... Oh wait...

Does anybody actually see it now? I've not seen one since the first couple of weeks of release date..
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I have seen it 3 times so far. In my opinion the only reason it is not used more is because it is a garbage gun. So it will take forever to level it up. I shot a player in hc 3 times with and only got hit markers. It was in nuketown i  was coming around the back of the truck while he was climbing into the middle.

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@Rainmaker#8746988 wrote:

For some background knowlege of myself:

I have played COD since Call of Duty 4 and have played almost every single one since. I am currently a level 27, 4th Presitge in Black Ops 4. I have around 6 days of the game since launch on October 12th.


The Actual Post:

Over the course of my gameplay experience so far, I have found some minor and major issues with Multiplayer balancing. This post is about the Strobe Light Operator mod. This modification to the gun is way too overpowered. The player using this mod can actually total flip the battle to thier side just by pressing LT, L3, or Right Mouse (I think thats all of them). This is completely gamebreaking and requires no skill to do. My suggestion would be to comepletly get rid of the mod and replace it with Full Auto for the shotgun or just lower it's effects entirely.


Thanks for reading - David


its not that good... i think they modified it since launch reducing its stregth 

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i don't mean to be rude but if youre only prestige 4 lvl 27 with 6 days of in-game play time, you must be quite a bad player and so i'm not surprised you would have problems running into strobe light.

having said that, using smgs short range, or AR long range takes care of the strobe light quite well.
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