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For some background knowlege of myself:

I have played COD since Call of Duty 4 and have played almost every single one since. I am currently a level 27, 4th Presitge in Black Ops 4. I have around 6 days of the game since launch on October 12th.


The Actual Post:

Over the course of my gameplay experience so far, I have found some minor and major issues with Multiplayer balancing. This post is about the Strobe Light Operator mod. This modification to the gun is way too overpowered. The player using this mod can actually total flip the battle to thier side just by pressing LT, L3, or Right Mouse (I think thats all of them). This is completely gamebreaking and requires no skill to do. My suggestion would be to comepletly get rid of the mod and replace it with Full Auto for the shotgun or just lower it's effects entirely.


Thanks for reading - David


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First off read the title of my post ^


Secondly if there were a way to downvote your post I would, you need to be within 20 feet of someone to use the flashlight, it takes up 3 slots so he probably isn't running important perks like engineer that let him see trip mines you place or team link that would let him see if you flanked behind him, also you don't have a stock on that gun so you can only move at aiming speed, and lastly it is completely countered by the duel wield Saugs or any other gun that has a laser sight for that matter because it's damage per second is terrible compared to every other gun in the game at 20 feet.


But what i am really mad about is that I know what this post really is, you are a quick scoper and you hate that someone figured out what your Kryptonite is because the sniper rifle is literally the only weapon type in this game that can't consistently hit someone in shotgun range while hipfiering and you refused to switch to another gun because you think that you are good when you are not.

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Imagine being so native that you assume many things in your arguement.

First, How do you know I'm a grown man?

Second, How do you know I'm a Quickscoper?

Third, take your BRONY looking ass out of here and go outside. Talk to normal people and learn some ettiquitte man. Stop living in a fantasy and grow up already.


(and before you say the same thing to me about playing COD and complaing about it; I am 17 and I still have time to enjoy my life before I become a full-fleded adult and how I spend it is playing this game.)

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Found the strobe light user. I play kn-57 and I was just on a server with a strobe light user for 10 games. Needless to say I didn’t kill him once and he finished to game with a 7.15 Ekia/death ratio. Waaaay too overpowered to just be able to click a button and throw off every person in the room.

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Shut up. Just shut up. Never post in this community ever again, or I will ping your IP address and location because I don’t have time for bullies on this planet. Now, let’s address the issue that you are absolutely flat out wrong about. I will vouch this is the most annoying thing I’ve seen in any video game, let alone CoD, so I can see why people gripe about it. Maybe on PC it’s easier to deal with, but on console this is actually game breaking, XclusiveAce has said that. My friends and I all have this problem with the strobe light, I think it’s the noobiest setup in the game because it requires little to no skill to use and do well with. Specialist equipment is probably the best option, for example Prophet’s seeker. If there was a way to downvote you as a person, I’d do it a thousand times over for your attitude and how you responded to the original post. Completely unnecessary and rude, and I hope everyone who reads this thinks less of you afterwards because you deserve infamy. Think it over again before you say somebody’s crying about it or we can square up and fight, you don’t scare me, I don’t care if you’re Mayweather.

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Not ruining my games as I have never seen it.

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I'm going with Brony on this one.  You just seem like you're upset, because it is a counter to your playstyle.  You sound like one of those guys that complains about Saugs as well, because they beat you close range.

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wait till you see it lol you wont see anything after
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Takes no skill to use lol  I would suggest that would apply to most of the specialist weapons/abilities that can also turn a game without any real skill from said player. 

Secondly have you used the sg12. With or without strobe light this is a tough gun to use. I just finished my diamond shotties and it was an absolute nightmare using this pos weapon. 

Actually preferred the strife to the sg12 lol 

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