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1. New Maps for Multiplayer and Zombies 


2. More Characters in Blackout 


3. More game modes for Zombies 


4. More Guns and Melee Weapons


5. Specialist Characters time duration increases and takes longer to get specialist Weapons in Multiplayer

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Maps will come....10 more to be released.

Guns and such will come but they are spreading it out.

Specialist imo are fine as they are if you increase times anymore you might as well just remove them all together which won't happen.

The majority of the community is average at best and are even in objective modes where the charge times range from 1.5-2x slower once during a match, increasing the times even more every specialist besides Torque (who's the quickest charging one) will ONLY be obtained by better players creating a "skill gap" this community wouldn't be able to handle considering they can barely handle how it is now since they seem to think specialist abilities are the only reason most of them aren't getting good games which is just hilarious.

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1. New maps come with the season pass which quite frankly sucks. I always buy DLC but Ive got to miss out as I refuse to pay for the game twice. 


2. Are you joking? Every character from call of duty is on it including the default ones and the current specialists.


3. Zombies has always been a default style game, wave after wave. They've added rush, what else did you want?


4. They've added the Daemon, Swat and secret santa. 


5. The specialist weapon charge times are spot on. I only get 2 per game (1 each half) 

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Top 3 things cod needs.


1. New engine

2. New netcoding

3.matchmaker that takes in account connection

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Where did this notion of “new netcoding” come from ? You know that’s not a real thing that can be just replaced right ?

LAG has far more to do with the variety of player connections than network smoothing or server issues. But the servers I will say are pretty much on the same level as rent a space from amazon for web hosting
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Me and multiple people here now it can't just be changed.


Doesn't change the fact it should.

Netcoding may not be the right word.

But all the Devs need to look on how cod sends and receives information.

It ain't optimized. Just like the engine.


They can keep added stuff but it won't make the game perform better.


But sadly enough kids these days are happy with stupid colourful glitter sh!t and a badly performing game.

And it isn't just bo4 it's been cod for years



Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
GRaS is OP. Green Stars are OP
SaND get's everywhere
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Speak for yourself and not for the community.
This your top 5, but not every1s .
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