To all the campers in both multiplayer & blackout

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Most campers are just plain bad at the game, not all but the majority are !!

I recently was killed by a camper and went back after respawn and got him, I waited in his spot, what do you think happened ?

Killed the camper in his own spot !!! Not just once, like 4 times before i moved on !!

This only works in multiplayer, blackout is the campfest mode !!

I'm surprised marshmellows and hotdogs cannot be looted, after all you get hungry when your camping.

Oh god yes that should go in as an item that you unlock a new character. Finish with marshmallows and hot dogs in your bag while camping and finally dying in the blue collapse to unlock *special character*. Most games I end up circling the outside of the blue just looking for those scared teams that will sit back until they are forced to move by it.

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Everybody camps at some stage or another. In Blackout camping for the final 20 players is very normal. 


The funniest are the people who are legit so terrified in Blackout that when they manage to kill you from behind, they are so terrified they don't even loot your body bacause they are frozen in place! LMFAO



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I love it when people start complaining about campers in objective based game modes. The objective for the defending team is literally to camp, yet people get salty over campers... Ridiculous!

If you're running into people where you don't expect them to be, then they're playing better than you, simple as.
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That's IF you're defending something...

Most do it to defend the KD....

In domination I know some very good what people would call campers.. however 2 bases are took by the time they set up shop and it's a fight on your hands to get them back.. they do it when objectives are safe, not from get go which most do...

I soon learnt that Campers can be instrumental if done right because they take the distraction away for ME from many an enemy players..

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There must be more campers... when someone camps you know where they are, they do not move and can be expected in the same place next time = easy kills.
Mindless bunny hopping, hip firing, spray and praying is also not going to work well against any play style.

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in blackout if i wane compleet a misison and it tells you most end in the top 5 to unlock the char and play like that char in the next match you sure i camp like hell in blackout to unlock it then its 1 mission less to compleet in the end.


and for multiplayer i not know what for match's you play but camping in multiplayer has no use since you have a change that one off the other players will span close to you in the back and kill you or there are coming with 2 or 3 other players then you lose for sure.

and camping in multyplayer is not easy more since MW3.

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