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Hey guys,

I know you all remember the transit map from black ops 2. It was a great concept with the bus ride and the bus driver driving around different maps finally ending in town and blowing up the vault and depositing money into the bank.


it was like GTA mixed with modern warfare to give me the ultimate experience.


would be awesome if someone created a Tranzit part 2 sequel or a rework for black ops.


i feel the new zombie maps are just too complicated and difficult for the modern user.

a revamped transit map would be awesome 



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They should stop using old maps for mp and zombies.

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Its the right concept but think of Harry Potter. A very successful niche, then fantastical beats carried on the genre but same niche of magic but different idea and it worked.


Thats what cod needs don’t reinvent the wheel but redo transit in a different way 

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