Treyarch, suggestions for Blackout

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I think we will see free weekends every so often, but you can't just make a mode "Free" permenently because then your giving away a portion of the game that other players have all ready payed for.  I myself like your idea to have more fresh players, it just has to be once in a great while.  Your asking for them to bring back a spefic mode or make it permenant is probably the most over done kind of post on here.  I mean no offense by that but it is what it is.   Like I have said before, I am guessing they will start rotating the different modes, sometimes with tweaks more and more often.  What I would actually like to see is they leave both the Normal map up with what ever mode and Alcatraz, but keep rotating the modes for both maps.   For example the special mode of the week for the OG map is Hot pursuit, while the Alcatraz map is running Ground War.  

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