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Im all about the Blackout mode and will be grinding hours to unlock everything!Heart

What about you?

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1. Team Death Match.

2. Zombies a bit later.

3 some sleep. Smiley Tongue


Blackout isnt made for me, but I´ll give it a chance when I´m in the mood for..

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Play Zombies first for an hour to get a feel for it.


Play death match until I have a kd ratio of at least 1.5 (no point playing blackout if I'm losing more fights than I'm winning)


Play blackout.


Play blackout.


Play blackout.


Play Zombies when I'm burned out on blackout.


Play death match when I feel I need more murdering practice.


Play blackout. 

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Domination and figure out my fav gun and set up before elite players complain and get them ruined. Not keen on playing blackout with little knowledge of weapons and how the game feels, however, blackout is available during the day 1 patch I believe
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