Why haven't y'all fixed MKll guns yet. Put a new gun on game but didn't fix old ones smfh

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Shotty hit detection, enemies whom shoot at you from across the map with full auto and no kick, auto-aim, bull*****, unbalanced specials like the shield, still the WORST matchmaking in the industry... and you think they are going to fix anything? Hell no, just add more bells and whistles hoping to fool everybody in not noticing how unpolished and unfair this *****ty game is year after year. First one since Modded Warfare II. Now I remember why I stopped supporting Activision and their trash.


But what do you expect from a company who's CEO is so unethical the first thing he did was sell the rights to companies to produce games he didn't even own the licenses or rights to (Knight Rider on the NES for one example Bobby Chokesondick has admitted to himself)?

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