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The Reaver is completely broken and annoying from close to medium range. This wouldn't be a problem if the weapon was a fully automatic as well as a 8 magazine size. These two factors alone makes gun fight unwinable since the enemy was lucky to get the gun compared to someone who is unlucky. A simple nerf to magazine size and fire rate will signifigantly help the game so palyers can not just bully their way to victory every game.

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Although I agree this gun is very powerful, I don’t believe in people slandering it. The main point of the argument people make is “people have it when others don’t because supplie drops are trash” the game gives you an operating challenge system for you to earn these crates which earn you the weapon so. How is it fair that other guns have all this ammo and the reaver only has 4 bolts? What if I get caught in a 3 man ingament? Am I instantly at a disadvantage? It’s gunna take more than a nurf to get rid of these players. It’s funny because secretly your annoyed that you can’t use the saug and not Be countered anymore but hey that’s cod. Don’t like it don’t play it bro 

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