start changing the player mode count for the special mode lobbies in black out

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Sorry if the title is confusing I couldn't figure out how to word it right.   What I mean is this:  In pretty much every special mode they release for Blackout it is Quads,  Maybe once or twice it was for solo.   Maybe there are players that enjoy playing Duo's, but I would think the majority of the Blackout player base are probably playing what ever the special mode is for the week.  Currently that would be Ground War, which I feel its everybit a solo mission as it is a team mission.   There is no real benefit that I can see to being in a quad for it, other than the redeploy ability.  You only need to work with your allies when its needed, against the other team.  I still think the mode would be just as good and enjoyable if not more if it was for Solo only and no redeploys, but under all the other same conditions it has.  


My point is if they are not going to use the other player model modes for the special mode lobbies why bother keeping them?  IMO they should get rid of at least the normal Dou's and Solo lobbies.  It would most likely cause those players to enter the other lobbies and raise the player counts in them.  Otherwise, mix it up and give players a reason to enter those other player type lobbies.   Make tournaments for Dou's/Solo instead of just QUADS.  Make the special modes for Dou's/Solo's as well, or make new ones just for Duo's and/or Solo.

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I've never been keen on BR modes, I'm not much of a stealth around jump in out through a huge map sorta player.
With that being said...Groundwar as you mentioned is just as much solo as it is a team mission.

Everyone for the most part is in it for themselves. The "teamwork" almost happens by mistake because the circle has closed so people end up covering different Lines of Sight in a general area and sorta moving together (although I imagine that too is more by coincidence then it is intentional)

Don't get me wrong, I've noticed a few 4 man groups legit working together and they can cause havoc when you've got 50 v 50 and the focus is more or less on moving to the circle and keeping the other team ahead of you.

I personally as I mentioned my style like it because I know I can judge where my team is at, where they are dying and use equipment they've put out to my advantage. I will go outta my way to pick people up (although it's far from a mutual thing I've noticed) But It's not as if I'm speaking to them. I've dropped down, while I've been downed from a roof in front of a teammate and he just looked at me for the entire bleed out period
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