Handwriting: Important or Not?

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This one is a two parter, but I'll make it quick.


1. Do you have neat (legible) handwriting, and

2. Do you believe school children should still be taught how to write in cursive?

As a part time calligrapher, I have been able to make a decent amount of un-taxed money doing simple things like addressing wedding invitations, graduation announcements, and various other events. Had I not been taught cursive, none of that would have been possible. I know that the common thought right now I that computers eliminate the need for cursive, and even legible, handwriting, but I disagree. There's something special about seeing a hand written letter, or a handwritten invitation that looks beautiful. A computer simply can not capture that feeling of intimacy, for lack of a better word. Let me know your thoughts.


Feel free to post examples of your handwriting of you're up for it, and I will do the same. 


( ignoring this feeling telling me this post will draw about as much attention as a blade of grass)

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Both great questions!


I've always admired stylish, artistic and neat penmanship... Sadly, the answer to your first question....... legible?


Barely legible......and yes I was taught using cursive and still remember the excitement in grade school when they allowed us to graduate to using a ball point pen from a pencil and crayon. I actually was thinking recently that i don't really take pen to paper very much any more! Can't remember the last time I penned a letter. Most of my manual writing needs have been replaced electronically. Not sure if it's good or bad, except that at least I can read it later.  


Stylistically, the skills you describe, I have always associated with that of an artist..... Hence, why you've been able to exchange your skill for compensation! If everyone could do as well as you, no one would have to pay you!


Technology changes and shapes the general societal direction (skills) we see and need today. I used to pride myself on being "Good" directionally!  With Google Maps...... my skill inner map skills have been reduced to mush! People used to buy portable GPS units for their cars and we paid hundreds of dollars for the convenice. Now it's a standard app on our phones. 


Answer to the second question is yes. I believe children should be taught how to write in cursive. Unfortunately, I still question it's value (balance)? Is it still a core skill (sort of, not sure) Will it be more of an elective subject (interest only?) The trouble for me is identifying need versus value versus practical application of said skill. 


Penmanship and hand writing skills in future may become (if not so already) more aligned with art (form) than a basic core skill.  



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1. My handwriting is bad.

2. No. Not as standard. As I know the struggles of you have dyslectia and when your motorics (the fine ones aren't automated. Especially with writing)

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Yes I make sure my writing is legible otherwise why write 🤡

As far as not teaching cursive anymore I find lazy on the part of our education system.

if something is in cursive I have to translate for my kids 🤦‍♂️.

Sorta along the lines of many not being able to tell time by looking at a ⏰ becuase it isn’t digital.

Dont get me wrong as a parent who has a child that has to use a speaking device technology is a great help.


gonna stop there before I go on a rant, either way write some outhouse poetry in calligraphy for chuckles and have yourself a good one.

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What? Kids don't learn cursive anymore? ....ridiculous. Robot Mad

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I think my handwriting is pretty decent, my wife always gives me the letters to write as a reward for being able to hold a pen properlySmiley Happy.. I'm not saying my English/ability to write matches my writing but it's decent none the same... With technology nowadays and technology which includes you being able to do everything to signing your name it's becoming where good old fashion handwriting is getting less.. something as you mention is far more intimate reading a handwritten letter.. almost like "they have took the time to write about/to me" rather than bash away at a keyboard..

As for children.. it's imperative imo they learn and practice handwriting. In all forms and modes.. I work with young children (3 years old upwards) and it's disheartening at times when even the 3 year olds are iPad/tablet savvy yet struggle to hold a pencil in tripod grip.. I know it's my job to help bring along these skills but it doesn't help when the kids get home and it's straight onto the tablets.. it's not my job to say what parents can and can't do but when parents evening arrives I make a huge point that in these sort of skill areas which are so basic as holding a pencil is why they are lacking in certain areas of development within the criteria we have to follow...


During my school days it was a privelage to move from pencil to pen.. we had to write a story and the headmaster read it and if the handwriting was neat/good enough he would give you a pen. As you got better with a pen, you wrote another story and if that passes the headmaster would give you a fountain pen with blotted paper.. now that was huge like the holy grail at school and everyone strived for it...


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I think handwriting is very important.


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The time I started to work as an IT guy, and had to "write" more and more with keyboards instead of handwriting, I kind of unlearned, how to do "good" and proper handwriting. But I think its important, and some people might say it shows your character.

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I think cursive is important to teach. Not everything that's important to learn is important for practical reasons on its own. The idea that there is more than one way to do something (print, cursive, typing, calligraphy) and that different situations demand different resources/responses (an email to the boss vs a letter to mom to show you appreciate her) needs to be started early.
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Like everybody else I tend not to actually write as much as I used to, and it is probably not as neat as it used to be


Despite a very good education I even had to look up cursive, to see in my world it's joined up handwriting lol


He'll yes, children should be taught it


Yes everybody uses keyboards and tablets etc, but surely we still will need to physically write?

Blimey sometimes it might be easier on this forum, using this tablet is a pain in the a*se, it keeps clicking on post reply before I finish, and have to go in and edit, to finish what I was trying to say

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