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PING IS KING especially in Hardcore! Therefore, in Hardcore Prioritize Ping! I realize people can have high pings over 3,000 miles, but I too know there are (that I know of) three (3) server centers. One on the East Coast and two on the West Coast. I'd rather WAIT than to get tossed into California 65 - 75 ms and I'd rather not play at all if my ping is going to be over 100 ms to Washington state. Based upon population and at least some form of "Ping Prioritization" I should only be placed especially during peak hours AND running solo on the frigging East Coast server. I mean literally 7/24/365.25 on a low ping server considering everything. However, it's closer to 25%-30% of the time I'm in the proper server center of 30-45 ms, over 50% 65-75 ms, and the remainder in Ping Purgatory.


That said, add to the problem of people using VPNs with 150-200+ ms pings. Your Lag Comp effectively FAILS with anything more than a 40-50 ms compensation of lowest to highest pings. So when I'm even in the correct server often I have to deal with some 150+ ms Teleporting a-hole jumping around like a rabbit that I couldn't hit if their hitbox was the side of a car. Just the other day I ran across a party of 4 .. from Australia (10,200 mile) WTF!


Now if you're not going to fix this clusterfrak then in the pregame lobby display people's ping.


The population of the East Coast is nearly double. I live on the East Coast .. on those servers I have about a 30-45 ms ping (love it). However, to California it's about 65-75 ms ping (can deal with it, stupid for me being routed there) and Washington state about 85-110 ms ping (hate it, big-time PO'ed) depending on how I'm routed. Worse no one likes a Lag Flop Lobby.

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As an East Coaster, I fully agree.

Honestly, they should allow us to pick server centers, either through battlenet, or through the game. 85% of the time I play, is in lobbies where I have terrible ping. I know its not me, because if I boot up a game like Battlefield, and filter by NA servers, I can easily find servers that I ping at 10-30ms, at all times of day, or night.

Hell, I remember a point where Treyarch would show you how many current players were in each playlist, and the main menu displayed an activity map of players connected. But I guess they just decided to take literally all the good things they got right in BO2 and ***** all over it.
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There should be absolutely no reason for either of us to placed in a Server 3,000 miles away with double the playerbase 100's of miles away. If we're playing at "our" peak time e.g. 6 PM - 11 PM vs West Coast 3 PM - 8 PM and there's not enough, which I can't imagine, on the West Coast then the priority should be to move them here, not visa-versa.


While some people can have a great game with a high ping, I think they're using Wi-Fi and horribly teleporting because of packet loss, I don't enjoy it at all. My KDR and SPM goes down along with my "enjoyment" lagging and shooting a potato gun.


You're absolutely not the only one. 

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