Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

So, it's been a few months now and I've still had this issue of my CPU usage peaking and causing framedrops below 60fps at certain areas in blackout, specifically blackout.
I have a GTX1070ti with 8Ghz and more than enough ram(12gig) to run this game with some decent graphics, but It's absurd how much CPU this game is using and there's currently no solution to it except to upgrade.

I have looked for solutions online, followed guides to set some optimal settings for Nvidia control panel, changed graphic settings in-game to low, mostly shadows and particles as low as possible, adjusted the config file to adjust the proper amount of Threads, and still only barely making 80fps in some areas, and dropping to 60 and below in some areas and gun fights.

While the other two modes are perfectly playable for me, it's annoying how I'm held back by my GPU in blackout and I've never had any issues with other games I've played regarding my CPU usage, is this issue being looked into?

And no, capping FPS to 60 is not a solution to me, I have a 144Hz monitor and want to make use of it.

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I have the same issue. Except I have an i7 4790K at 4.8GHz with the uncore stable at 4.6Ghz, RAM at 2133MHz and an RTX 2070 overclocked to nearly 2000Mhz. Every game runs absolutely fantastic, I'm #3 in the world in 3dmark firestrike results (dydx) for people with my same setup and BLACKOUT AND ONLY BLACKOUT, runs like *****. FPS dip into the 60s while skydiving and while on the ground the fluctuations are insane. I tried an 8700K, same issue... tried a GTX1080, same issue. 

With that said, sorry dude, Treyarch is not fixing any of our issues. We're stuck with this for life. 

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It's an ongoing issue. They have said they were working on it a month ago. So, pretty much, they know and don't care. 

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Agreed, The big problem is Blackout. The thing is stop playing blackout....If you want to play FORTNITE....just go play FORTNITE. They should have made this a seperate game.

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