In game ASUS Aura Integration is killing my RGB

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I'm not sure why but using the latest version of ASUS Aura, if I disable the in game lighting effects (in the BO4 menus) it completely kills the lighting on my GPU (RTX 2080 Strix).  For a few days I thought that the LEDs had burned out because no matter what I did I could not get them to turn on.  Tried different PCI-E slots, different PCI-E power cables, toggling the LED switch on the card on/off.. nothing worked.


I was about to start looking into a possible RMA until I turned the in-game lighting integration back to on and it magically starts working again.  However my GPU is now stuck on orange and I can't change it at all in the Aura software.  It's only the GPU.  The LEDs on my motherboard (there's a ton.. Maximus IX Apex) all currently work fine and have worked fine through it all.

Kind of a niche and not terribly important problem I know but it is pretty annoying so I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else is experiencing similar issues and to make the team aware of the problem. 

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