game settings wont save 144 hz%0D%0A

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


my game settings wont let me save 144hz it always goes back to 59 hz but my monitor settings is at 144

how do i fix this problem

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It's not the game it's the information Windows and your monitor are "telling' the game. If your monitor is OC'ed then most monitors have a "Apply & Reboot" option. So make certain your Monitor is set up and rebooted properly. Now if that fails then in Windows type "Display" and open "Display Settings" / click on Display adapter properties for Display 1 (assuming you have 1 display and its 1) / click on the Monitor tab / and select "144 Hertz" and Apply. Open the game and see if it's corrected...


Next if it's not then you'll need to create a custom setup; I only know Nvidia. Open Nvida Control Panel, click on Change Resolution, (select your monitor), click on Customize, then setup your: Resolution, 144 Hz and Color Depth level, Test and then Apply. Now try your game again. Note: the setup I listed isn't for G-Sync.

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