Can we please remove concussions from blackout

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Imagine you’re in top 3 situation, but this isn’t just any other game, this isn’t one of your everyday wins, this is different, you have 23 kills, you wanna rap this up with 25 kills in the end smashing your old record of a 15 kill game, you kill one of them, only one more, then BAM you’re hit with a concussion, then BAM you’re hit with another then BAM before you know it you’re dead, you didn’t even have a chance, you didn’t even know what direction the guy was and you lose to a level 2 because he had concussions and hit you twice with them ending you’re game and you can’t accept you’re new record of kills a game because you didn’t win in the end, all because someone who had no right winning found some item that could end you in seconds, you see why i resent concussions in blackout so much, they prevent you from even having a chance, now if they removed it and replaced it with flashbangs thats fine just please get rid of them formthe love of god please remove them

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