How do I fix error message Bravo 461 orange wolf?

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 Bravo 381 Orange Wolf i know is an error usually idicates an interruption occurred while connecting to gaming network services. Causes can include a gaming network outage or excessive load when connecting to the gaming network.

as you have Orange wolf error i would guess it`s the same kind of problem altho your error number is 461 not 381

this is just an uneducated guess on my part so if i`m wrong do forgive me

there has been some connectivity issues on Blackops 4 and possibley black ops 3

so hopefully by the time you read this reply your issue has gone and you can get back to gaming


for a full list of error codes please see here

Error Codes In Black Ops 4

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15648606718941496385311902495434.jpgSame problem in Brazil.... Activision help :@ 2months without play bo4

Same problem in Brazil. :@

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