cant connect to the servers after patch 1.08 pls help

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after patch 1.08 i cant join the serves. i get error code a.b.c and "bravo 461 swamp wolf" and when i press ok its stuck on "connected"

i redownloaded 2 times but didnt work.

please help me!!

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Yeah, I am having a similar issue. I have tried basically everything. Got in call with but they said they can't really do anything. They said their was trouble with a server in texas "a middle man" thats some ISP's connect to. Mind telling me what ISP you use?
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I am having the same issue. Sometimes I can get through and play maybe 1 game before it drops me from the server. I have contacted my ISP (Cableone) and they detect nothing, I have enabled UPnP, enabled DMZ, opened ports for the ps4 via port forwarding, and disabled my modem's firewall just to see if it worked (reset factory settings as soon as I learned it didn't work). The worst part is that you can't hardly get ahold of the company to file a complaint either...

Oh yeah, this never happened to me prior to patch 1.08. Use to work perfectly fine...

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