I can't change prestige icons at level 1000

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

I hit level 1000 yesterday and I was super excited because I had all of the different prestige icons, but today I just completed the IX Easter Egg and I can't change it to anything above level 100 for some reason, help? 

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You hit 1000 how many kills and rounds survived just wondering.

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You hit level 1000 how many days did you clock up on the game? I'm 10 days played and nowhere near prestige master 1000

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Same here I had pre-downloaded and I’ve got 17d 18h 19m 50s with 280,582 kills / 7600 rounds and I’m only prestige master 146 .

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Obviously he's a bug abuser ...

There's no way someone can be lvl 1000 by now without abusing the glitches that have been going around , and don't *****ing deny it .

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I hope you get banned , stop cheating your ruining the game

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I'm prestige master lvl 57 took me 7 days

I've got around 250,000 kills 

treyarch needs to ban the glitchers 

They let them just get away with this for 2 months 

When the leaderboards come online it's just going to be glitchers at the top again

All talk no action for the devs







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