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Just got back into bo4 and in need of a clan to chill with and have fun not to serious but competitive to do better hit me up if you have an inv 




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Hey! Have a think about Rapture Gaming. We're not entirely UK based, but we have a STRONG UK membership in our CoD companies! I'm the captain of one of them, and I'm based in Wales! We have 5 gamenights a week, which span various timezones, but you will find members online 24/7 from both the UK and overseas! We are not a hugely competitive clan, but we hold tourneys and fun competitions, and do have competitive members and streamers. There are people online all the time, and we encourage people to party up, even if you aren't playing the same game! 

If it sounds like something you would be interested in, follow this link!

If you want any more info you can always shoot me a XBL message, or even add me and hop into one of the parties to see if it's your thing!

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Shadow Company are currently recruiting for PS4 and XBOX. If you are looking for a clan with structured practices, military style procedures and ranking systems with a well run website and forums then please come and check us out!!


We have individual squads that play Multiplayer, Blackout and Competitive Multiplayer.

We cater for the competitive through to the casual gamer, with big emphasis on team work and communication. If this sounds appealing please either take a look at our website, shoot me a message on here on on PSN (MrPunkRocka)

We are here to improve, win, make friends and have fun doing it!

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