Nightmare Clan Recruitment (XBOX ONLY, NA ONLY)

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Nightmare is recruiting for Black Ops 4 and we would like you to join if you meet our requirements. We are a clan all about winning and having a tight knit group of gamers that want to play well plain and simple. We also are NOT an MLG clan or GB clan so if that's what your looking for then that's not us. If you break a rule you will be talked to or kicked from the clan and if that happens clan members will NOT play with you.

Our clan has a few requirements to get in which are :

1.4 or higher k:d ratio

18 years old or older

Have a working mic

Clan tags must be worn at all times

Rage quitting is absolutely not aloud

You will also be asked if you fully intend to be apart of the clan, as in if you join then you want to play. No going inactive for weeks on end or blowing us off everyday. If you cant play with the clan for at least a few hours a week then you will not be accepted.

That is the main requirements we ask of any recruit with a few more minor ones we can discuss later. So if you would like to join and be a part of us message myself (kjculp93) or AvEnGeDSvNFoLD on xbox and we can get things going.

Below is a link to our clans website, check us out on there and view our montage.

Also we will be streaming everyday and night look for us on mixer.

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I'm interested.

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