Why producers & PSN do allow cheating on paid servers?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4


We pay for PS4 machines, we pay for games, we pay for PSN+ and still we have to face cheaters on PSN servers. DO NOT SAY THERE IS NO CHEAT IN PS4! Because it sounds stupid anymore. It's obvious!

Why producers and PSN allow chearters and cheat creators? for example: iwantcheats.net

I guess there are many examples as well.

This guys sell cheats that work on PS4. I want to ask that why producers and PSN don't file a compliant to shut down this site? Why do they nothing? Are they not aware of them? I don't think so. 

I think they don't give a ***** or they have (another) interest from these cheats. (because our payments are not enought to saturate them).

The sole reason for me to give up my brillant PC game play experience and pay for Sony ***** was to get rid of cheaters at PC servers but It didn't work! What is next? Xbox2? or google thing?

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Few things stand out to me on type of topic.  First is when players straight up deny it.  Even when the proof is in the kill cam.  Example, recent player on the opposing team was dominating match but, you watch the kill cam his spitfire has no recoil.  How do i know this?  Because, his red dot gives it away.  It literally doesnt jump.  The gun is showing animation of recoil but the red dot doesnt share that.  From what i have read you can get the usb thumb drives were one can map out the recoil thus, eliminating from there shots.

which leads to my 2nd thing and that is pay to win.  Clearly we know how the majority feels about pay to win.  But, these device never get included into this conversation.  When they are literally paying for a device to give them win.




Scroll down a bit and you will see the words anti-recoil with the definition of it among other issues these devices cause.  “Reduce recoil on almost any weapon to give dead center accuracy.”


i am far from the best player out there.  All i am asking for is a fair shoot of coming out on top.  This is a disease that is killing all FPS games and it badly needs a cure!

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