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Introducing the Call of Duty Companion App

Compete for squad rewards, receive personalized intel, and be the first to learn about Call of Duty news – all from your mobile device!

By Kevin Kelly on November 1, 2018 Editorial Manager
Level 28

Looking to level up your game and connect with fellow players? With the free Call of Duty Companion App, now available on iOS and Android devices, you can take your squad on the go, keep loadouts at the tips of your fingers, and get personalized recaps, briefs and gameplay tips based on your play.

Keep Your Friends Close, and Turn Your Enemies into Friends

Keep tabs on your friends’ progress in the friends feed! Track their accomplishments and battle stats, see what they’re playing, and compare their achievements to yours so you can either join the fight or talk some trash.
Plus, you can form a squad with up to 20 other players and earn in-game and exclusive rewards by completing weekly objectives as a Squad. Each week, your Squad will be tasked with in-game challenges, such as getting a certain number of zombie kills or winning matches in a specific game mode.

Completing challenges will give your entire Squad rewards to show off in-game or in the real-world from our partners such as KontrolFreek.

“The Call of Duty Companion App is something that we are very excited for players to use to enhance their gameplay experience,” said Gina Hope, Senior Director of Marketing Technology at Activision. “From connecting you with friends and fellow players, to providing personalized match analysis to checking out your loadouts and competing in challenges with your own squad, it’s a new way for players to engage with the game and the community.”

Personalized Match Reports and Gameplay Analysis

By connecting to your in-game profile, the Companion App will give you a personalized, deep dive into your previously played matches across Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies, as well as Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer, including War Mode.

Once you sign up, you will receive a weekly Action Report of how you played in the previous week, as well as a Weekly Briefing with suggestions, tips and tricks that can get you back into the battle with an edge. Now you’ll be able to head into the weekend warfare with a new battle plan based on this intel!

Along with stats for your individual Weapons, Equipment and Loadouts – the Companion App will show you Match Analyses and Heat Maps to track every bullet and movement in that match. Based on your play, the app will give you personalized recommendations to help you drive up those stats.

Want to be an elite run-and-gun player? Or how about the ultimate sniper? The Call of Duty Companion App can track what fits you and put you on the road to improved performance.

Stay in the Know

What in-game event is happening this weekend? Why was there a game update today? And wait, what’s that amazing item that I just saw in the game?
There’s a lot happening in Call of Duty -- you don’t want to miss out on all the in-game events, updates and more. The Call of Duty Companion App features a News tab that can give you the latest details on all of these and more at the tap of a button. Stay on top of all the latest intel while you’re on the go, or even while you’re quietly waiting to get the drop on someone in Blackout.

“The release of the Call of Duty Companion App is part of our continued commitment to creating personalized services for players that enhances their gameplay and deepens their connection to the game, as well as other players,” said Monte Lutz, SVP of Consumer Engagement, Activision. “We’re launching with compelling features that are tailor-made for the Call of Duty community, and we plan to add new capabilities, including localization, a loadout editor and chat, that will give players the tools they need to get the most out of Call of Duty. We look forward to partnering with the community on developing the roadmap for future features.”

The Call of Duty Companion App is free on the App Store and the Google Play Store, so download it now to take Call of Duty with you wherever you go. The Companion App is launching in English, but localization for French, Italian, German and Spanish will launch soon.

For more intel about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty and @Treyarch on Twitter.


Level 1

Woo hoo!

Level 1

Why this isn't available in India?

Not available in Play Store Portugal..


Level 1

It would be really cool if you guys could add the stats from a bunch of the past cods as well.  Or maybe on your account on the companion app it would show your total prestige from all the games. 

Level 1

Why make an app and not release worldwide, people around all the globe play call of duty. I'm from Brazil and cannot use the app.

Level 2

Not compatible on my Samsung Note 3 with Adroind 5.0 fix this

Level 1

Every time I approve through the authenticator the app crashes.  Hoping to get the support ticket resolved


Not available in Romania. Why? 

Level 1

This application in Russia and Belarus doesn't work.

Level 1

so i have this problem where half of the menu's are in english and the other half in German. I live in the Netherlands so no idea why its in german? how can i change this?

Level 1

Possibilmente lo pretreste fare anche disponibile in Italia che è una barzelletta che non è disponibile nel mio paese grazie 

It's so annoying that we can see USA players getting 500 free COD points and the app, while we can't download it in Europa.

It should be available in every country, where you can buy the game.


Level 1

The app is buggy to say the least, with much needed improvements from crashes for trying to login initially and then not receiving the cod points after you get it linked to your account, its confusing that people advertise the free points but I dont see them anywhere. I play on ps4.

Level 1

Not fair. App is not available for download. As a premium buyer, I do expect such things to be available for download. Not to mention, I am missing out on the free 500CP Smiley Sad

Moi j ai télécharger l appli et me suis enregistrer etc et j ai pas reçu les 500 cp c'est ps4 normal si ...??? Si vous savez m aider ça serais gentil ..merci 

Level 1


The app I cool, but when I try to create a new squad, it says unauthorized with no explanation as to why.
Level 5

Apologies for the stupid questions here!


I'm playine on Xbox and I'm around tier 32 on the Black Market. If keeps informing me that I have new skins, tags etc within this 32. How do i access them? I click on the new offering and it gives me a description but no info on the way to use them eg to assign/use skin press 'A'. I realise it's obvious, but not for me! How do i use the new skins etc?


Also how do i turn on enemy health bars in Blackout? I watched a vid online here: but I don't have an interface option within my settings. I don't even have the settings icon down the bottom left, as portrayed in this vid. So maybe it's pc related.



Level 1

this ELITE mw3 ?


Level 1

The worst app ever, your squad's kills don't count properly if at all, pointless and a waste of phone storage 

Level 1

Triste com a ultima atualizaçao 


Nao consigo jogar com meus amigos...

Trava muito e agora e so de dupla no modoblackout

Arrumem logo se nao vamos mudar de jogo infelismente :/

Level 1

It's not letting to the mission kills are not being counted . Everything else works fine

Level 1

I made the squad for me and my friends, but a bunch of randoms are in now... How can I kick people to make room for my friends?

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