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Guys hello I’m adam and I’ve been dying for a remastered bo1 for ever since Xbox one came out. Now can u guys listen to me and don’t skip this comment and got to a next one, I’m going to talk from my heart. Please I’m begging you begging you to make a remastered. I know black ops 4 came out and I respect that, but if you can just bring it back on Xbox one with the old school classic guns and game modes like one in the chamber, tdm, free for all, search and destroy and all the other game modes for the regular bo1 that came out in 2010. And especially zombies kino, five, doa, ascension, call of the dead, moon and Shanghai. 2 more things old classic perks jug, speed cola, double tap, phd flopper, deadshot, stamina and classic quick revive. And no gobble gums hate that NO OFFENSE! Thank you I hope you read it and plz consider it. And not only me all of ur other fans. 😃

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Please no remastered games. The Devs are already lazy enough

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Are the BLOPS1 servers disconnected? If not, plug your former console back in. 

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They are connected but ruined by hackers that have god mode, etc.  Which makes it unplayable!  

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Yeah, what he said!




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