Blackout armour issue

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Honestly Hardcore was amazing had 3-4 wins a night 10+ kill games. Now harcore has been removed and im back playing the worst game honestly when are treyarch going to address the issue of armour ttk is way to long spend most the time putting clips into people spending so long on that engament you get third partied honestly normal blackout is honestly laughable who wants to play a game were all you here is ding ding ding ding ding dong ding ding ding ding ding ding ding they focus more on putting ***** *****ing third person with a guy that rolls round with a sword *****ing hell if i was owner of treyarch i would fire everyone in the development studio honestly every update has just made the game worser than when it started except from the map changes all gameplay updates has been made terrible first they buff armour then they make it more durable and then armour reapirs then they nerf armour which to me was the best place armour has ever been to then buff it again you have made a game entirely for low skilled players and reward people who camp in buldings you honestly do not listen the competive community you make changes based on what will maybe get you more played not making the *****ing players you have happy you make me feel sick treyarch and it just goes to show when you watch their live stream they are *****ing bots they wonder why this game has barely any views on twitch 


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