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You know,I've loved playing this game. 5000+ hours well spent. BUT,more and more I find myself frustrated . I'm sick of micro transactions. I'm sick of developers catering to noobs (danger close, target finders,op lmgs). I'm sick of cod trying to be like other games (Destiny, Fortenite ). Most of all,I'm sick of hitmarkers.(I play hardcore) 1 9mm pistol round more lethal that 3 from my assult rifle, bullsh!T. Mabye it's time too move on. Give my money to someone else.

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I have 750 hours spend on this game, I doubt you have over 5,000 knowing that top leaderboards have roughly about 2,000.



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Even if marketers master social media without coming across as clumsy, grating or intrusive, there will surely be a limit to how much advertising will shift to the platforms.Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox ..

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I think quite a lot of people know and are annoyed by the advertisement. But that is also a part to support the game 


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Wtf is this madness. 

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That's what it is. Madness 😆
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Madness is a good band.

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Madness is funSmiley LOL

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Baggy Trousers. Now that's madness.

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