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So, as most of you know we got a whole slew of new weapons last week. I have already done write ups on both the ITRA burst and the Sterling SMG. I am not going to do a formal topic on the Type 38 as it's just a slightly modified version of the Enfield. Likewise, with the M2, the youtuber the Xclusive Ace already did a really good video on it. I don't have anything to add to his take on the M2. So, I am going to leave that one alone as well. That leaves us with the Type 5.


The Type 5 is the japanese M1 garand clone in real life. In COD WW2 it takes on an all together different role. With all the DLC guns on offer and limited resources most players are passing on the Type 5 in favor of something else. Likewise the players who have unlocked it are not particularly fond of using it. The Type 5 has the lowerest fire rate and shortest 2 shot range of any of the 2 shot semiautos. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a strong position in the meta. With the correct approach it's one of the most powerful guns in WW2. Let's take a look.


The Gun:


The Type 5 has the standard rifle handling all around. It takes .22 seconds to ADS or sprint out. You have a 95% move speed and 40% while aiming. You also have the same hipfire spread as the M1A1 carbine. This is tighter than the nerfed wide spread on the SVT and M1. The weapon also has absolutely no recoil or idle sway. If you put the Type 5 on someone on a headglitch and take your hand off the right stick. You can dump the clip and you will get 10 headshots in a row. You get a 10 round magazine with an average reload time for the rifles.


The main drawbacks to the Type 5 are the damage, rate of fire and range. The weapon is firecapped at 250 RPM making it the slowest. However, the SVT and Karibin without rapid fire basically fall into the same pattern. All 3 of these guns fire 4 shots a second. This is less spammable than the 5 shots a second of the M1, but having no recoil is really nice. The real problem comes from the damage and range. You deal 50 damage out to 25 meters and 49 after that. This means the gun is a 2 shot kill to 25 meters or at any range with one head shot. Otherwise it's a 3 shot kill. With the low fire rate you are at a disavantage against most automatic weapons inside of 20 meters and once you hit the 3 shot kill. The M1A1 is nearly as accurate and offers almost another 200 RPM on the fire cap. This low range is what really tends to turn players off to this gun. But a little patience can go a long way.


The Build:


Primary Weapon: Type 5
Attachments: Advancd Rifling, +2
Division: Armored

I know, the armored division with a rifle, the most original class ever. I know normally I make a longer drawn out kit, but in this case this is all that matters. Advanced rifling is a relatively late unlock in the attachment progression. So, for the first two hours, you are going to come to hate this gun. But, if you are willing to slog it out, you get rewarded with one of the best mid to long range weapons in the game. Advanced rifling doubles your 2 shot kill range out to 50 meters, the same as the M1 and SVT. All the rifles lose aim assist at 38 meters. When you pair that with the moderate to high recoil on the M1 and SVT. Then you either have to let the gun settle beween each shot or you will spam half the mag over your opponents head. The Type 5 doesn't have this problem do to the nonexistent recoil.


I know armored is becoming the general purpose division. But, if you are using the Type 5 then you want the low recoil over the advantages the SVT and M1 bring to the table. Armored makes you immune to tacticals, shell shock and basically illiminates flinch. Paired with the Type 5's recoil, you won't have trouble hitting your shots. Beyond advanced rifling and the armor division how you structure the rest of your class is less important. Just remember the Type 5 struggles inside of 20 meters. So, you should adopt a kit and a playstlye that allows you to insulate yourself with some distance from the ememy team.


You should avoid FMJ, high caliber, rapid fire and the foregrip. The gun is already so accurate that foregrip does nothing. Rapid fire brings you up to 263 RPM wich is still 4 shots a second. With only 50 damage you are going to lose at least 1 point shooting through anything still yeilding a 3 shot kill. Likewise, with 49 + 4 +49 = 103 so the gun will 2 shot without high caliber. Beyond that most players will probably grab quickdraw and either the 4x scope or reflex sight. However, since the gun has no recoil the barrel won't kick up. So, the iron sights are perfectly usable. Personally, I am going with extended mags and a bayonette.


Once you get to advanced rifling this weapon is amazingly easy to use at mid to long range and will trump most other weapons in the game. Keep in mind though that you are still very vulnerable in close quarters. So, you should adopt a more conservative and patrolling playstyle. Since armored already protects you from grenades your basic trainig should suppliment these tactics. Scoped allows you to left stick aim and preaim around corners. Likewise, lookout would also be a worth prospect. Alternatively you could use it to take dualist or rifleman to compose a composite kit. This would give you an alternate weapon for close quarters.


Beyond that, your grenades should suppliment your playstyle. A gas grenade and either a frag or s-mine would be best. Likewise just use whatever handgun you are the most comfortable with. If you can handle the slog to advanced rifling and take a slower pace the Type 5 is an amazing weapon. It just takes some patience to get there.

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Type five is one of my favorite weapons. Fun to use on Texas and Gustav. Love hearing snipers rage even if using the Le EnField (if spelled right) with iron sights. If running in armored I would refer to shifty and the 9mm Sap ( Supressor, Tac Knife, and advanced rifling or extended mag) for quick firing. I like the Resistance version ( Short Barrel ) after prestige 4 with suppressor because it reminds me of the pp7 from Golden eye!!!

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