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Can someone give me a definitive list of the requirements for the tools of the trade challenge? I did the pommel challenge easily enough but the first two are just not happening. There's contradictory info on Reddit and YouTube and other sites. Do I need a standard version of the weapons, can I use attachments on them? Can I use a weapon guarantee for the mystery box? Help me out, please. I already posted this question but it disappeared. Thanks. 

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i hope this helps a little

You must only use the standard weapon variant, no epic or heroic variants, if you do it won't register and you will fail either challenge.

start the game with NO consumables. Special meters, double jolts and max ammos from drops are fine to pick up. I avoided insta kills and nukes.

If you go down you've failed the challenges. Don't go down

Go to settings > controller and turn off auto switch gun. This means if you run out of ammo you won't auto switch to pistol as this fails you otherwise.

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